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  Readmissions (2022-23)
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BHMCT/BCTCA (Regular/Backlog/One Time Chance) Examinations March/April-2023
M.A./M.Sc./M.Com/MSW/M.Lib.I.Sc/MJ & MC I-Semester (Regular) Examinations March-2023
MBA(CBCS) III-Semester (Regular) Examinations March/April-2023
M.Sc (Chemistry) Five Years Integrated Course I-Semester (Regular) Examinations March/April-2023
M.P.Ed III-Semester (Regular) Examinations March-2023
MBA (Technology Management) III-Semester (Regular) Examinations March/April-2023
MBA (Evening) III & V-Semester (Regular) Examinations March/April-2023
Master of Special Education (Regular & Backlog) Examinations March/April-2023
B.Ed III-Semester (Regular) Examinations March-2023
B.Ed (SPL.Edu.) Regular, Backlog & Improvement Examinations March-2023
M.B.A I-Semester (CBCS) Regular Examinations March-2023
MDHM I-Semester Examinations March-2023
MBA (Tech. Mgt.) Day Examinations March-2023
M.E/M.Tech (AICTE) I & III- Semester (Main & Backlog) and II-Semester (Makeup) Examinations March-2023
M.Ed III & IV-Sem (Regular) and I, II, III & IV-Sem (Backlog & Improvement) Examinations March-2023
Osmania University - Establishment of College level Research and Development Cells (RDC)
B.E (AICTE) Main & Backlog, (Bridge Course) Main, Backlog & Imprivement, (CBCS & NON-CBCS) Backlogs and One Time Chance Examinations Feb/March-2023
BHMCT/BCTCA (CBCS) I-Semester (Main) Examinations February/March-2023
M.A./M.Sc./M.Com/MSW/M.Lib.I.Sc/MJ & MC III-Semester (Regular) Feb/March-2023
M.Sc (Chemistry) Five Years Integrated Course III & V-Semester (CBCS-Regular) Examinations Feb/March-2023
B.Pharmacy (PCI) and (Non-CBCS) (Main & Backlog) Examinations Feb/March-2023
B.ASLP (CBCS) Main & Backlog Examinations March-2023
UG UG (B.A/B.Com/B.Sc/B.B.A & B.S.W) (CBCS) I-Semester (Regular) Examinations Feb-2023
UG UG (B.A/B.Com/B.Sc/B.B.A & B.S.W) (CBCS) I-Semester (Regular) Examinations Feb-2023
M.Phil. Clinical Psychology I & II Year Examinations Feb-2023
M.Phil Rehabilitation Psychology (P-I) and (P-II) (Regular) Examinations Feb-2023
Professional Diploma in Clinical Psychology (Regular) Examinations Feb-2023
PSY.D Clinical Psychology Part-I, Part-II & Part-III (Regular) Examinations Feb-2023
BCA (CBCS) III Sem. & V Sem. (Regular, Backlog & One Time Chance) and II-Sem. & IV-sem. (Backlog & One Time Chance) and BCA (Non-CBCS) I-Year, II-Year I-Sem. (One Time Chance), II-Year II-Sem. (One Time Chance), III-Year I-Sem. (One Time Chance) Examinations Feb-2023
BHMCT / BCTCA (CBCS) III-Sem (Main & One Time Chance) & II-Sem (Supply & One Time Chance) and BHMCT / BCTCA (Non-CBCS) I-Year (One Time Chance) & II-Year I-Sem (One Time Chance) Examinations, Jan/Feb-2023
BCA (CBCS) I-Semester (Main, Backlog & One Time Chance), VI-Semester (One Time Chance) & BCA (Non-CBCS) III-Year II-Semester (One Time Chance) Examinations Feb-2023
LL.B (3-YDC), LL.B Honours (3-YDC), BA.LL.B (5-YDC), BBA LL.B (5-YDC) and B.Com LL.B (5-YDC) VI & X-Semester (Backlog) Examinations Jan-2023
M.Sc (Molecular and Human Genetics) I-Semester (CBCS - Regular) Examinations Jan/Feb-2023
UG (B.A/B.Com/B.Sc/B.B.A & B.S.W) III & V-Semester (Regular) Examinations Dec-2022
M.M.S. II-Semester (Regular) Examinations January-2023
BFA (CBCS) III, V, VII & IX-Sem. Regular Examinations Dec-2022
GRRCDE (B.Ed OLD) I, II, III & IV-Semesters (Backlog) Examinations Dec2022.
MCA (CBCS) 3 Years Course V Semester (Backlog) Examinations Dec-2022
M.Sc (Applied Nutrition) IV-Semester (Regular) Examiantions Dec-2022
M.Sc (Sports Nutrition) IV-Semester (Regular) Examiantions Dec-2022
M.Sc(SLP) I & III Semester (CBCS - Backlog & Improvement) and II & IV Semester (CBCS) (Regular, Backlog & Improvement) Examinations December-2022.
Revised M.Pharmacy (PCI) I & III-Semester (Backlog) and II-Semester (Main & Backlog) Examinations Dec-2022
M.Pharmacy (PCI) I & III-Semester (Backlog) and II-Semester (Main & Backlog) Examinations Dec-2022
Ph.D. Course Work (Backlog) examinations Dec-2022
Advanced PG Diploma in (Healthcare Courses) I-Semester (Regular) Examinations Nov-2022
M.Sc (Chemistry) Five Years Integrated Course VII & IX-Semester (CBCS-Regular) Examiantions Dec-2022
M.Sc (Molecular & Human Genetics) II-Semester (CBCS-Regular) Examiantions Dec-2022
MDHM II & IV Sem (Reg & Backlog) and I & III Sem (Backlog & Improvement) Nov, 2022
B.B.A/M.B.A (5 Years Integrated Course) Backlog & Improvement Examinations Nov/Dec-2022
PGRRCDE UG (Backlog) Examinations Nov/Dec-2022
B.Pharmacy PCI (Makeup), (PCI, CBCS & Non-CBCS) Main & Backlog Examinations Nov-2022
PG Diploma in Psychological Counseling Examinations Nov-2022
M.B.A (PE) V-Semester (Regular) Examiantions Nov-2022
BS-MS (Computer Science-Five year Integrated Dual Degree Program) II-Semester (CBCS-Regular) and I-Semester(Backlog) Examinations Nov/Dec-2022
PGRRCDE M.B.A. I, II, III & IV Semester (Main & Backlog) and M.B.A I,II & III Year-Wise (Backlog) Examination Dec-2022
P.G.Diploma in Early Intervention Examinations Nov-2022
Bachelor of Special Education (Autism Spectrum Disorder) I-Semester (Regular) Examiantions Nov/Dec-2022
M.Sc (Applied Nutrition) II-Semester (CBCS-Regular) Examinations Nov-2022
M.Sc. (Sports Nutrition) II-Semester (CBCS - Regular) Examination Nov-2022
B.Ed (Regular/Backlog & Improvement) Examinations Nov-2022
M.A. (International Studies - Regular) Examinations Nov-2022
B.Ed - Special Education (Intellectual Disability, Learning Disability and Hearing Impairment) III Sem Regular Examinations Nov-2022
Master of special Education (Hearing impairment & intellectual Disability) Examinations Nov-2022
Oriental Languages Supplementary Examinations Nov -2022
B.A.(Languages) (CBCS) II-Semester (Regular) and I-Sem(Backlog) Examinations Nov-2022
M.Ed II & III-Sem (Regular) and I-Sem (Backlog & Improvement) Examinations Nov-2022
Junior/Senior Diploma in French/German Examinations Nov-2022
LL.M (Regular & Backlog) Examinations Nov-2022
UG (B.A/B.Com/B.Sc/B.B.A & B.S.W) (CBCS) VI-Semester Instant/Backlog /Makeup Examinations Nov-2022
LL.B (3-YDC), LL.B Honours (3-YDC), BA.LL.B (5-YDC), BBA LL.B (5-YDC) and B.Com LL.B (5-YDC) Examinations Nov-2022
MCA (CBCS) Main and Backlog Examinations Oct/Nov-2022
MBA (Evening) II & IV-Sem (Regular & Backlog) and I & III-Sem (Backlog) Examinations Nov-2022
BHMCT/BCTCA (CBCS & Non-CBCS) (Backlog) Examiantions, October/November-2022
BBA/MBA (5-years integrated course) II/IV/VI/VIII & X-Semester (Regular & Backlog) Examinations Oct/Nov-2021
M.Sc(Molecular and Human Genetics) II-Semester (CBCS - Regular) Examination Oct/Nov-2022
M.Sc (Chemistry) 5 Years Integrated Course I, III, V, VII, & IX -Semester (Backlog & Improvement) Examinations Oct/Nov-2022
B.PEd & D.PEd II & IV-Semester (Regular & Backlog) and I,II, III & IV-Semester(Backlog & Improvement) Examinations Oct/Nov-2022
M.E/M.Tech (AICTE) II-Semester (Main & Re-Registered) and I & III-Semester (Makeup) for all Branches academic year (2021-2022 batch) Examinations October-2022
OU- Organizing of One day Departmental Conference on "ln the context of introduction of CBCS system, new courses and revised syllabus at the UG level" (Govt. Colleges)
PG Diploma in Law I-Semester (Regular) Examinations Oct-2022
Professional Diploma in Clinical Psychology Supplementary Examinations Oct-2022
PSY.D Clinical Psychology I & III-Year (Supplementary) Examinations Oct-2022
M.Phil. Clinical Psychology Part-I and Part-II (Backlog) Examinations Oct-2022
MBA (PE) V-Semester (Regular) Examinations Sep/Oct-2022
M.A./M.Sc./M.Com/MSW/M.Lib.I.Sc/MJ & MC I & III Sem (Backlog & Improvement) Sept-2022
MBA (CBCS) II-Semesters (Regular) Examinations Oct-2022
PM Uchatar ShikshaProtsahan Central Sector Scheme for College & University Students
MBA (CBCS) I-Semesters (Backlog & Improvement) Examinations Sep-2022
Pharm-D (6-YDC) I-Year (Main & Backlog) Examinations Sep/oct-2022
BFA (CBCS) I-Semester (Regular) Examinations Sep-2022
MCA 2 Years (CBCS) (Main & Backlog) and MCA 3-Years (CBCS) (Backlog) Examinations Sep-2022
BHMCT & BCTCA (Main & Backlog) Examinations Sep-2022
MBA (Tech. Mgt.) Day & Evening Examinations Sep/Oct-2022
Post Graduate Diploma in Culinary Arts (Main & Backlog) Examinations Sep-2022
M.P.Ed II & IV-Semester (Regular) and I, II, III & IV-Semester (Backlog & Improvement) Examinations Sep/Oct-2022
M.M.S. I-Semester (Regular) Examinations Sep-2022
M.D.P.M III & IV-Semester (Regular & Backlog) Examinations Sep-2022
BASLP (CBCS) I,III & V Semesters (Regular) Examinations Sep-2022
M.Sc. Chemistry (5Yrs.Int.Course) II & IV -Semesters (Regular ,Backlog & Improvement) Examinations Sep-2022
PGRRCDE PG Diploma in Business Management, ELT & Mathematics Examinations Sep-2022
PGRRCDE PG Diploma in Business Management, ELT & Mathematics Examinations Sep-2022
P.G II & IV Semesters(CBCS-Regular, Backlog & Improvement) Examinations Sep-2022
PG Diploma in Child Psychology & Family Relations Examinations Sep-2022
Post M.Sc. Diploma in Radiological Physics II-Semester (Regular & Backlog) and I-Semester (Backlog) Examinations Sep-2022
MBA (CBCS) I, II & III-Semesters (Backlog & Improvement) Examinations Sep-2022
B.E. (CBCS & Non-CBCS) Backlog and (AICTE) Main & Backlog Examinations Sep-2022
Pharm-D (6-YDC & 3-YDC) Main & Backlog Examinations Aug/Sep-2022
B.Pharmacy (PCI/CBCS & Non-CBCS) Main & Backlog Examinations Aug/Sep-2022
B.Ed Special Education I-Semester (Regular) Examinations August/September-2022
M.Ed Special Education I-Semester (Regular) Examinations August/September-2022
B.E (AICTE, CBCS & NON-CBCS) Make-up Examinations Aug/Sep-2022
BHMCT & BCTCA II-Semester (Main) & I Semester (SUPPLY) Examinations, July/August, 2022
PGRRCDE P.G. (M.A, M.Com & M.Sc) Previous & Final Examinations, August, 2022
MBA (Evening) VI-Sem (Regular, Backlog & Improvement) and V-Sem (Backlog & Improvement) Examinations July/Aug-2022
(P.G.R.R.C.D.E.) PG Diploma in Computer Applications Examinations July-2022
Enhancement Of SuperNumerary seats from to 20% under National Integrated Quota To Other State Students
MASLP, M.Sc(Audiology) and M.Sc (Speech Language Pathology) I & III Semester (Regular) Examinations July-2022
PGRRCDE (M.B.A.) I & III-Semester (Regular) Examinations July-2022
BCA (CBCS & Non-CBCS) Regular and Backlog Examinations June/July-2022
B.Pharmacy (PCI/CBCS & Non-CBCS) Main & Backlog Examinations June/July-2022
B.Ed I & III Semester (Regular) Examinations June/July-2022
UG (B.A/B.Com/B.Sc/B.B.A & B.S.W) II , IV & VI Regular & All Semester Backlog Examinations June/July -2022
B.P.Ed /D.P.Ed I & III-Semester (Regular) Examinations June/July-2022
MBA (Tech. Mgt.) Evening I-Semesters (Regular) Examinations May/June-2022
M.Ed Special Education I & III-Semester (Regular) Examinations May/June-2022
UG (YSW) I, II & III - Year (Backlog) Examinations May/June - 2022
MDHM III-Semester (Regular) Examinations May/June-2022
B.E. AICTE-VIII Sem. (Main), CBCS-VIII Sem. (Backlog) & Non-CBCS IV/IV-II Sem. (Backlog) Examinations May/June-2022
PG Diploma in Law II-Sem. (Regular& Backlog) and I-Semester (Backlog) Examinations May/June-2022
BS-MS (Computer Science-Five year Integrated Dual Degree Program) I-Semester (CBCS-Regular) Examinations June-2022
M.Sc(Molecular and Human Genetics) I-Semester (CBCS - Regular) Examinations Jun-2022
LL.M I-Semester(Regular) Examinations June-2022
LL.B (3-YDC) , LL.B HONOURS (3-YDC),BA.LL.B (5-YDC), B.B.A LL.B (5-YDC) & B.COM LL.B (5-YDC) I-Semester (Regular) Examinations June-2022
M.Sc (Chemistry) 5 Years Integrated Course VI,VIII & X -Semester (Regular,Backlog & Improvement) Examinations June-2022
M.Ed I -Semester (Regular) Examinations June-2022
MBA (Evening) I-Semesters (Regular) Examinations May/June-2022

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